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Art Through Adversity

I might come back and do a timeline later. Here is O2D #7. Enjoy.

Dropping a Deuce

Conrad and I decided to try out my iMac's podcast recording capabilities last week. I didn't put any fancy music into it like Josh does, but thought it turned out pretty well. It was just the two of us, and it was fun to just chat about some things and pass the time. I hope you enjoy. 00:00 - Google + 15:00 - MySpace / GarageBand 19:15 - Independent Video Game Developers 21:00 - Amy Winehouse is dead / Drugs are bad m'kay 26:00 - Netflix pricing increase / video streaming 36:00 - Bandwidth and Comcast / Verizon sucks 42:00 - Phones - still in your house? 43:45 - News of the week judgements 59:00 - Media Consumption 60:00 - Buffy (spoiler alert) 64:00 - Quick vs. Questions