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What? ISPs are going to "stop" innovating?

I laid this out in my last post , but I'll make it clear again - ISPs in the United States don't care about customer service, they don't care about innovation, they care about the bottom line ... that is all. In Ars Technica on Tuesday, they broke it down again . ISPs are making threats that if the FCC reclassifies internet service as a Title II common carrier service , they would stop "innovating". There is factual evidence that effectively shows ISPs stopped innovating a few years ago, and aren't making any substantial investments in infrastructure currently. Today is the day that the FCC votes on the proposal to decide if the new rules Tom Wheeler wrote up will take effect. If that's keeping internet as an "information service" or if they decide to push it into the public utility realm. Either way, there are plenty of folks who have spoken out to the FCC that what the ISPs are doing is wrong, and no matter how much money ISPs throw a