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Art Through Adversity

I might come back and do a timeline later. Here is O2D #7. Enjoy.

Dropping a Deuce

Conrad and I decided to try out my iMac's podcast recording capabilities last week. I didn't put any fancy music into it like Josh does, but thought it turned out pretty well. It was just the two of us, and it was fun to just chat about some things and pass the time. I hope you enjoy. 00:00 - Google + 15:00 - MySpace / GarageBand 19:15 - Independent Video Game Developers 21:00 - Amy Winehouse is dead / Drugs are bad m'kay 26:00 - Netflix pricing increase / video streaming 36:00 - Bandwidth and Comcast / Verizon sucks 42:00 - Phones - still in your house? 43:45 - News of the week judgements 59:00 - Media Consumption 60:00 - Buffy (spoiler alert) 64:00 - Quick vs. Questions

Google told me Happy Birthday!

So apparently if you enter your birth-date into your Google profile, the Google homepage will tell you happy birthday!

Stroke the Furry Wall

Here is episode 5, wherein our intrepid hosts are joined by two lazy bastards who should really join us more often. Show notes below. 1:10 intro 2:08 Regretful purchase 17:30 Green Lantern review 21:05 Green Lantern Movie and comic book spoilers 25:50 spoilers over 27:00 Rude movie viewers 39:45 Rude patron's Audio 43:00 FURRIES 46:00 Techincal difficulties 48:00 A special guest appears. It's not very effective. Then TV, Quick questions, and something about playing cake, for Corwin.

Don't Hack Me, Bro!

Episode 4 of the Open2Discussion podcast titled Don't hack me, Bro! is available for your aural pleasure. This week we discuss Pen and Paper RPGs, Diablo III, Star Wars: The Old Republic, the ramifications of hackers, the Riots in vancouver, Game of thrones (WARNING: Spoilers from 49:30-100:00, regarding Episode 9), and general entertainment consumption. We also introduce a new, Conrad-approved, segment call Vs. Quick questions. Listen to find out our opinions of hacking, riots, and who is the official superhero of the Open2Discussion podcast.

HTC Evo Shift 4G - just got an update!

I just checked my HTC Evo Shift 4G for an HTC firmware update (I have been every day since the big brother Evo got Android 2.3 Gingerbread). To my surprise, my phone showed there was indeed an update to version HTC firmware 2.76.651.4, and I started downloading it over the 4G connection. It took quite some time to download, so it appears to have been a big one. It ran and showed two different update screens with a green arrow pointing down and a bar going across the bottom against a black background. The update just finished, and my phone shows version 2.76.651.4 is complete, and I'm now running Android version 2.3.3!!!

Wii Me? Wii U!! To the Cloud, Robin

Open2Discussion's 3rd Podcast, entitled Wii Me? Wii U!! To the Cloud, Robin! In this week's discussion, we speak about the news out of E3, the WWDC Apple conference, and a wrestling match made in heaven... literally.

Hands off my Google Wallet!

Just a rough draft of the 2nd podcast, due to updating the computer I'm working on. May re-upload later. Show notes to add later.

Um, Where'd it go?

Here is Open2Discussion episode 1, tentatively titled "Um, Where'd it go? " Despite numerous technical difficulties, we were able to get an hour worth of discussion on topics like video games, movies, and entertainment news. Below are show notes: Intro 1:30 Who we are 4:15 What do you want from the podcast 5:15 New video games: 7:10 Portal 2: (SPOILERS 8:20-11:00) Multiplayer 11:00 Rating Portal 2: 17:45 Mass effect 2: 18:45 Rockstar games 21:15 PSN Network 25:45 Rapture 38:00 Superhero "Meuvies": 44:30 Fast 5: 49:45 wrap up 57:0

What the hell is COICA?

The RIAA/MPAA and apparently the US Government think: An artist must have copyright or else they will not be able to make a living, and nothing will be created. How about this... if that's the only job an artist has (selling copyrights), it's time to get a new one. When the US economy tanked in 2008, my previous employer decided they weren't going to give any raises for 3 years straight. However, the costs for healthcare, food, gasoline and living expenses skyrocketed. If I stayed at my old job, I wasn't making enough to survive. It's that simple. So I went and got a new job that paid more money. It's not the same job I did before, but now I can pay my bills and survive, and I'm better off for it. If a musician can't make money selling their copyrights to labels, my argument is this - perhaps they should do something else. It doesn't mean they should sue someone who listens to their music without paying for it. It means they find a NEW way