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Hey Apple and Steve Jobs - stop shooting your feet!

OK, so everyone has gushed and gushed about the iPad. It's gorgeous and fun, and all that wonderful stuff, but let me make some serious points about why Apple seems to be the most brilliant and idiotic company on the face of the planet Earth. Google Adobe Verizon I'll start with the first two because it's basically the same story told twice.  A long time ago, Apple and (Google/Adobe) had a great relationship. Their goals were basically the same - to beat Microsoft.  The ties that bound them together really made the relationship beneficial to both parties. They worked well together to make some great advancements in software, computing, and the internet.  We wouldn't be here today with all the wonderful gadgets glistening under the spotlights without these companies working so well together...  then something bad happened.  Someone (Steve Jobs) felt cheated, and took a minor disagreement personally, and the relationship went sideways.  Instead of (Google/Adobe) b