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You've Got GAS!!!

Well, I've had it. Oil prices have reached yet another high . I'm taking it upon myself to stick it to the man, because it seems everyone else is bending over and grabbing some petroleum based product (yes Vaseline is made from the same shit that Gasoline comes from) and lubbing up. I'm no longer driving anywhere but to a bus stop - 2 miles from where I live. I take the bus all the way from Aliquippa to the same stop I was using coming from Bloomfield. It takes an hour, but what better way to catch up on some music and reading? I've also calculated that by taking the bus, I'm saving approximately $200/month. That's $2400/year. I could buy a pretty nice hat with that kind of money.

9 Trillion in debt?

I chose to vote for a libertarian this time around... I know it doesn't matter, but I thought I should point out something. Conservatives usually bitched that government was too big, at least that what we were taught at the christian schools. "Small government is better" was the mantra, and somehow it was always pointed out that Democrats were big spenders. I've actually held that to be somewhat true. But I think the US history classes got it all wrong. Lots of people blamed Reagan for screwing the economy... I don't really think you can screw something up of which you have no understanding. However, the Bush's - these guys are a completely different story. GB and GWB have been sucking from the golden teet since they were born. Money practically grew on trees in their back yard ranches in Texas. Haliburton essentially handed them an unlimited spending account and said go nuts. You'd think that after some time, a person with lots of money would know what to

Sony - losing the battle

Alright, I have to comment on this, because it's freagin pissing me off. Sony, the company that just a few months ago decided to screw over their CD purchasing customers by secretly including a piece of software that essentially opened up a customers machine to being hacked ( Sony rootkit )... have decided they were going to screw over the retailers for their new "Blu-Ray Discs." Sony is a gigantic hog of a company who cannot realize that they're losing a battle for supremecy - one stupid decision after another. The reality is, they seem to believe that we (the customers) should be grateful to Sony for allowing the us to spend our hard-earning cash on the proprietary crap they sell. I haven't purchased a Sony CD in over 5 years. Why? They screw the artists, they've screwed the customers, and now they're aiming for the trifecta of screwing the retailers as well ( Sony's Blu-ray titles taking shape ). I hadn't planned on buying any PS3's or an

A touch of melancholy

Wow - after a week of straight craziness in Pittsburgh, it's all over. Getting to be at the parade was fun. I can't believe how many people came downtown to see that. It took me over an hour to get across 5th Ave just so I could go to work! Anyway, I suppose I should start posting thoughts here in this blog because I don't think very much any more. Those times that I do, it's probably best to commit them to some form of legible text because I'm most likely forget them after about 5 minutes. This last year has been almost a complete disaster. I gave myself about 6 months back in June to get my shit together and really get into working on something different than grad school Speech and Hearing stuff. The job at the Trib made me want to die at times. I hated the schedule, though some of the people there were really cool to work with. I learned a lot, so I can't say it was all bad... but I have to admit, working a somewhat normal schedule vs. the terrible sh