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Is Cable TV worth keeping now?

There is a lot of good discussion by tech websites recently about the developments in internet television. The buzz this last week was mostly about the new desktop client for Hulu. It's been getting good exposure on , Engadget , Lifehacker , Ars Technica and some others... it's pretty early to tell how well this will be received, as it's been mentioned that it doesn't offer all the shows that are available on the website. Gizmodo and TechCrunch posed the question of whether or not it's worth keeping a regular Cable TV subscription when this new application makes so much content available from the comfort your couch (if you have a Windows or Mac HTPC). Personally, I haven't watched a single network television show on cable in quite some time - maybe years. I could easily see what this generation defines as "TV Shows" falling under a completely different definition in several years. My opinion is that spectator sports wil

Some thoughts about networking

So there have been many times I've revamped, reinstalled and reconfigured my home computer layout. I've snaked CAT5 through basements and attics, hooked up wireless routers and configured wireless access points to stream video and audio data all over houses and apartments (my own, friends' & family's). Lots of things went wrong, or broke down over time. But there were a select few things that I was able to get working that really went the distance in terms of blanketing my abode with data packets of movie and music goodness. I've gone through probably 5 completely different routers, and hundreds of feet of network cable, and in the end it all served one purpose - to let me get my data anywhere in my house. My current setup is somewhat wonky right now because I am using an ASUS WL500-W router with DD-WRT as the operating system on it. I've been moderately happy with it, but it has some quirks that definitely make me want to break the thing like the printe

2 Years Gone By

Ah, so what’s happened in the last 2 years since the last time I posted an update on this blog… well, the stock market crashed , the housing bubble burst, and two major car companies are teetering on the brink of oblivion. The Wii was a money printing machine for Nintendo who rose back to the top of the gaming industry. The internet has been growing exponentially, and so have the malicious attacks – viruses, trojans, phishing attacks, etc. The term “ credit default swap ” entered the vocabulary because bankers got greedy and traded money they didn’t have. The Pirate Bay lost a huge court case – even though there is still a long process of appeals left, it’s made piracy a prime target for legislators in countries around the world. Social media powerhouse Facebook pissed off a lot of users by revamping the main page , and Twitter came out of nowhere. We have a new President that won in what was basically a landslide. He’s got a lot of people behind him, and wants to make changes