2 Years Gone By

Ah, so what’s happened in the last 2 years since the last time I posted an update on this blog… well, the stock market crashed, the housing bubble burst, and two major car companies are teetering on the brink of oblivion.

The Wii was a money printing machine for Nintendo who rose back to the top of the gaming industry. The internet has been growing exponentially, and so have the malicious attacks – viruses, trojans, phishing attacks, etc. The term “credit default swap” entered the vocabulary because bankers got greedy and traded money they didn’t have.

The Pirate Bay lost a huge court case – even though there is still a long process of appeals left, it’s made piracy a prime target for legislators in countries around the world. Social media powerhouse Facebook pissed off a lot of users by revamping the main page, and Twitter came out of nowhere.

We have a new President that won in what was basically a landslide. He’s got a lot of people behind him, and wants to make changes that will rebuild the economy, and help strengthen our country. There’s a lot of hope now that Barack Obama is our nation’s leader, and that’s a good thing.

Personally, I’ve still got my job – even with all the Tech job layoffs. I’ve got a new baby girl, and things are going well.

I’m going to try focusing on single topics here on my blog now and again, but obviously, there are so many thing to talk about, I’m going to try to stick to just technology and the politics that surround them.


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