Here we go again...

Johnny Cash flipping the bird
Those are the powerful words that Maynard opens the last song of Tool's most recent album: 7empest -- Fear Inoculum. This album released in 2019 is the soundtrack for the entire year of 2020.

So let's jump right in...

It's been a hell of a year this 2020 CE. So many things to unpack, so many lies told, and so many millions dealing with the loss of a job, loss of their homes, or loss of loved ones - surreal isn't even a strong enough word to describe this mess we're experiencing in the US of A. At this point we've already seen over 150,000 deaths related to COVID-19 and symptoms like it, but we're reopening schools across the nation this fall!

I could spend hours diving into any one of these topics, but if you've been living under a rock (and who hasn't envied it) since February, here's a rough catalog of the things that have happened.
  • March 2020 
    • COVID-19 became a household term thrown around 200 million+ households multiple times a day
    • Tiger King became the hottest TV show
    • George Floyd and Breonna Taylor are murdered by police
  • Apr/May 2020
    • #BlackLivesMatter and the related protests all over the US and especially currently in Portland
    • Protests that were disrupted by violent and illegal federal agents kidnapping and rounding up citizens under the guise of "protecting federal property". Ultimately, the federal response being an excuse to mete out needless violence against those who stand up for BIPOC rights
  • Mar-Aug 2020
    • #trump (yes that's little "T" trump) unravels and proves beyond any reasonable doubt that he's the most ignorant, racist, homophobic, antagonistic, narcissistic and incompetent President the US has ever had
    • Betsy Devos says schools are reopening with little to no safety requirements in place from the government - good luck students and teachers!
  • Aug 2020
I wanted to come back to to share thoughts into the void because I think it will be interesting to come back someday in the distant future and objectively take a look at what'd been going through my head at this point in history.

Having just watched an episode of a show on Netflix called: Connected S01:E02 - Poop, I heard a phrase that caught my attention, "The poop doesn't lie!" Somehow that phrase inspired me to write this article. I had to express the thought before it is gone like the detritus flowing through the sewers pipes of my brain. In the episode, the host of the show: Latif Nasser makes this exclamation right after learning about all the various drugs that Londoners are taking on a given day of the week just from sampling the poop contents that are floating around in the Thames River.

I've become fixated on the fact that our current President can barely open his mouth on camera before figurative bullshit comes pouring out. His ability to completely eschew truth or facts in any of his rambling nonsense is staggering beyond any rational scale. My monomania on that phrase over the last hour or so I've spent writing this keeps circling around the idea that no matter what anyone does, or tells themselves is the truth, we can't hide from our own shit. Fun fact: we can see a map of where the queen of England's poop travels through the sewers of London.

Years from now we're still going to be talking about COVID-19, the affects it's had on our health, economy, psychology and children living through it now. This notion of irreverent truth reminds me of the guy down in the London sewers unclogging the drains and getting the boluses moving again. The thing that we can never escape is what we leave behind. Most of us live and die with our locus of influence only extending to friends and relatives. Social media allows us to let algorithms define the narrative we like to tell ourselves. Even though our lives and legacies are undoubtedly finite, we will never outrun the truth. We can hide it under a rock, bury it in the ground, or flush it all away - but we can never deny that what we take into ourselves, illicit or otherwise, our shit will never lie about us. Truth is dirty, dangerous, and ugly.  Sometimes it really stinks (sorry about the awful puns). Our President might do it all the time, but the poop never lies.


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