9 Trillion in debt?

I chose to vote for a libertarian this time around... I know it doesn't matter, but I thought I should point out something. Conservatives usually bitched that government was too big, at least that what we were taught at the christian schools. "Small government is better" was the mantra, and somehow it was always pointed out that Democrats were big spenders. I've actually held that to be somewhat true. But I think the US history classes got it all wrong.

Lots of people blamed Reagan for screwing the economy... I don't really think you can screw something up of which you have no understanding. However, the Bush's - these guys are a completely different story. GB and GWB have been sucking from the golden teet since they were born. Money practically grew on trees in their back yard ranches in Texas. Haliburton essentially handed them an unlimited spending account and said go nuts. You'd think that after some time, a person with lots of money would know what to do with it. I mean, a few billion dollars is a lot to spend, perhaps saving it might be better than blowing it on a weekend in Camp David.

GWB has finally given me a reason to say WTF... I mean, I've said it a few times, but this time I really mean it. How is it possible that one of the wealthiest families in the world managed to drive an entire country's economy directly into the shitter? I recommend you read both the article, and click the link below it... it's scary how true this whole thing is.

8 trillion in debt?

National Debt Chart

To understand that chart, what you have to realize is that each one of those bars represents how much money was added to the national debt in ONE YEAR. Makes you wonder what the hell it's being spent on doesn't it?

I haven't lost hope in humanity, but I have lost hope in our country's ability to keep its bastard children from running amok with an unlimited spending account. This bullshit has gone too far.


  1. The problem is, Americans keep voting for the Republicrats and Demopublicans. And they get the same crap year after year.

    Since 1988, I have voted Libertarian whenever possible. I certainly won't waste my only vote!


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