Talk about bad luck - I'm cursed this month

So a few posts ago I talked about how my PayPal account had been compromised, and I lost almost $500 from my checking account.  Well, since then I've had absolutely the worst luck of any person I know of.  I mean, it's like literally every single thing in my house or in my name decided it's about time to break, die, or fall apart.

  1. We'll start with the PayPal debacle. That was unfortunate luck, and it sucked when it happened, but eventually the bank sorted it all out, and I got my money back.  It just scared the crap out of me that at any time $500 could simply disappear from your bank account without doing anything wrong.
  2. Xbox 360 - I got the Red Ring of Death (RROD) two weeks ago, and the hardware that I used the most in my entertainment system (watching movies, TV shows, Netflix, etc.) is completely dead and will cost $100 to fix
  3. ASUS WL-500W router - While I was playing a video game one night (on my PS3 because the Xbox was already dead), I got a funny message saying the network cable had been disconnected. I didn't think about it until I went to my computer, and couldn't reach the internet. The router completely died, and won't respond to any troubleshooting techniques. I've scoured the internet on ways to unbrick the thing, but it's hopeless, and I'm not devoting any more time to it.
  4. Hot-tub - I had to fill the tub last weekend because the weather was getting cold enough to freeze, and I wanted it to be up and running so it survived the winter. I filled the tub on Sunday, and by Wednesday, it was half empty, and almost too low to work. Luckily, Amber's brother came over and found the culprit leak and fixed it.
  5. Toyota Camry - today my car decided to spring a leak in the radiator (a little hole dead center on the top of the radiator body), and it reached critical temperature the moment I pulled into my parking space at work this morning. I had AAA come and tow it, and now have to play "swap the car" with my wife today and tomorrow to get back and forth to work, etc.
I honestly have no idea why my luck has been so bad this month... It's frustrating because all these things are completely out of my control. I just cross my fingers, hope that nothing else breaks and keep going. What else am I going to do? It's a good thing I'm not a compulsive gambler, I'd probably have gotten my knees broken by now.


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