Stroke the Furry Wall

Here is episode 5, wherein our intrepid hosts are joined by two lazy bastards who should really join us more often. Show notes below.

  1. 1:10 intro
  2. 2:08 Regretful purchase
  3. 17:30 Green Lantern review
  4. 21:05 Green Lantern Movie and comic book spoilers
  5. 25:50 spoilers over
  6. 27:00 Rude movie viewers
  7. 39:45 Rude patron's Audio
  8. 43:00 FURRIES
  9. 46:00 Techincal difficulties
  10. 48:00 A special guest appears. It's not very effective.
  11. Then TV, Quick questions, and something about playing cake, for Corwin.


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