Um, Where'd it go?

Here is Open2Discussion episode 1, tentatively titled "Um, Where'd it go?" Despite numerous technical difficulties, we were able to get an hour worth of discussion on topics like video games, movies, and entertainment news.

Below are show notes:

Intro 1:30

Who we are 4:15

What do you want from the podcast 5:15

New video games: 7:10

Portal 2: (SPOILERS 8:20-11:00)

Multiplayer 11:00

Rating Portal 2: 17:45

Mass effect 2: 18:45

Rockstar games 21:15

PSN Network 25:45

Rapture 38:00

Superhero "Meuvies": 44:30

Fast 5: 49:45

wrap up 57:0


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