A touch of melancholy

Wow - after a week of straight craziness in Pittsburgh, it's all over. Getting to be at the parade was fun. I can't believe how many people came downtown to see that. It took me over an hour to get across 5th Ave just so I could go to work!

Anyway, I suppose I should start posting thoughts here in this blog because I don't think very much any more. Those times that I do, it's probably best to commit them to some form of legible text because I'm most likely forget them after about 5 minutes.

This last year has been almost a complete disaster. I gave myself about 6 months back in June to get my shit together and really get into working on something different than grad school Speech and Hearing stuff. The job at the Trib made me want to die at times. I hated the schedule, though some of the people there were really cool to work with. I learned a lot, so I can't say it was all bad... but I have to admit, working a somewhat normal schedule vs. the terrible shit they had me doing is much more bearable.

Now, I'm just a lot more responsible when shit goes wrong - and who do they call when stuff stops working? That's right - me (or the helpdesk).

I don't know, it feels good to finally get healthcare, and I love the fact that Amber and I are starting to look for a house of our own. There's a lot to be said about having stability and a career... who'd a thunk it.

My music goals have finally started to be a little more fruitful. I still haven't written a song in over 5 years, but at least now I'm able to sit down and play a little bit. I can't believe how much I used to play vs. how much I do now. Priorities in life seem to change so quickly, you forget what the hell you were trying to get done in the meantime. I figure I've got a few more years left before I'm famous - but I can be patient.

I find myself needing to sleep a lot more than I used to. It sucks because my day seems hardly begun and I get home and it's off to bed. I used to have such amazing stamina when it came to staying awake, going out, having fun... all those things that I look at now and realize were because I was young. God... being old at 26 is not the way it should be.

Time to start working out - getting healthy, cause 10 years from now, I don't want to look back again and think "Wow, I sure could walk a lot further without getting winded."


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