Sony - losing the battle

Alright, I have to comment on this, because it's freagin pissing me off.

Sony, the company that just a few months ago decided to screw over their CD purchasing customers by secretly including a piece of software that essentially opened up a customers machine to being hacked (Sony rootkit)... have decided they were going to screw over the retailers for their new "Blu-Ray Discs."

Sony is a gigantic hog of a company who cannot realize that they're losing a battle for supremecy - one stupid decision after another. The reality is, they seem to believe that we (the customers) should be grateful to Sony for allowing the us to spend our hard-earning cash on the proprietary crap they sell. I haven't purchased a Sony CD in over 5 years. Why? They screw the artists, they've screwed the customers, and now they're aiming for the trifecta of screwing the retailers as well (Sony's Blu-ray titles taking shape).

I hadn't planned on buying any PS3's or anything, but this just chaps my ass to know that they think customers are that stupid. Like we can't decide for ourselves which technology is going to be best. It's as if they think consumers are like punch drunk boxers, waving wads of cash around to drop in the lap of the person who'll tell us our own name.

Come on Sony - get a grip. People hardly pay $10 to go see a movie in the theaters anymore - especially that 5 years ago it used to cost about half that. What makes you think anyone is going to pay an extra $10 (that's about $35 a movie) to buy a hyped-up, bloated DVD replacement, especially when the players are over $500 to begin with? In case you haven't noticed, there aren't that many people out there with HDTVs! Even those of us technically inclined (myself included) are a little hesitant to spend over $700 on an overblown TV when cable companies don't even offer more than 5 channels in Hi-Def.

Boycott doesn't seem to catch Sony's eye. So how about we just outright forget about them. I don't want to hear a mention of them or their stupid technology any more. In my mind, they don't even exist. They should be like Atari. An old and busted company that couldn't stand the weight of their own ego to save their life.


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